2005 Alexander Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 1.5L





Blending and Aging

Our 2005 Alexander Valley, a blend of wine from several selected vineyards in the appellation, is 100% Cabernet Sauvignon. We blended the vineyard lots in early 2006 and transferred the wine to 50% new and 50% once-used American oak barrels for aging. Blending prior to barreling allows us to achieve a balance of the wine’s natural elements, such as fruit and tannin, before they are influenced by oak. The wine was then aged in barrel for approximately 25 months and another 15 months in bottle to harmonize its components before release.

Vintage 2005
Appellation Alexander Valley
Composition 100% Cabernet Sauvignon
Bottle Sizes 750ml, 1.5 L Magnum, 3 L Double Magnum, 6 L Imperial
Alcohol 13.5% alcohol
Release Day August 6, 2011

Vintage Description

The dominant themes for the 2005 harvest were a rare combination of high quality and quantity, and very homogeneous maturity. The growing season began with a rainy, late spring, providing a slow start to vine growth. Muddy conditions complicated our early spring tractor work and the exuberant growth kept us busy with suckering, but by mid-May, temperatures had warmed considerably for the crucial time of bloom. The long summer was moderate and veraison (the coloring and softening of the berries) started right on time in early August. The long, cool growing season was perfect for developing grapes with excellent intensity of flavors and the perfect bloom conditions in May guaranteed even ripening. We began harvest on September 8th and brought in the last grapes on October 11th. It was a large harvest, but due to the even bloom and long, slow ripening, produced extraordinary wines.