Silver Oak and Twomey October Harvest Update

Director of Winemaking for Silver Oak and Twomey, Daniel BaronLast week began with very light rain on Sunday and Monday and cool temperatures until a slight warming trend from Wednesday to Friday.  There were high winds on Thursday and Friday which dried things out nicely.  Although the conditions were not conducive to raising sugars (or in this case, desiccation, since sugar loading is over) ripening continued in the form of softening of skins and degradation of the pyrazines that cause a green pepper character.  It was quite remarkable to taste significant changes in less than 48 hours.  Our Berry Sensory techniques proved their value yet again.  There was a chance of more rain by the middle of this week, so last week felt like a good time to bring in the remainder of the fruit

Crushing was pretty quiet at the Twomey winery in Healdsburg last week, but the crew was still very busy pressing many of the Pinot tanks.  We also brought the 2012 wines out of barrel to provide used barrels for the 2013 wines.  As we made up the blends of 2012 Pinots, we were really impressed with the finesse and fruit expression of the wines.  This week we will bring in the last of our Pinot to complete harvest 

Oakville has wound down in terms of crushing.  We received our last two lots of Cabernet and completed harvest on Friday.  It was an active week of pressing as well.  So far, the harvest is presenting as an excellent vintage!

Finally, last week was a big week of crushing in Geyserville as we brought in fruit from our Red Tail Ranch as well as from vineyards around the Alexander Valley.  It was also a big week of pressing.  We should finish in Alexander Valley this week.

 Silver Oak C.E.O. David Duncan celebrates the end of Napa Harvest

Daniel Baron 10/4/13