Silver Oak and Twomey September Harvest Update: September 24th

Stormy weather threatened many of our Napa Vineyards We saw some cooler weather at the beginning of last week that allowed the vines to rehydrate the berries.  By Wednesday and Thursday temperatures had risen to the high eighties and low nineties and we saw real maturity with softened skins and luscious flavors in many vineyards.  The threat of rain increased as the week drew to a close and while a storm did hit over the weekend, it mainly just refreshed the berries and we saw no damage but we will now wait as the vines absorb the water and regain balance.

We pressed quite a few tanks at our Twomey Winery in Healdsburg to make room for the next wave of Pinot Noir.  We brought in the rest of the fruit from the vineyards at Bien Nacido in Santa Maria and in Forestville.  We also brought in some fruit from the Sebastopol area as well as the first of the fruit from our Monument Tree Vineyard in Anderson Valley.  Twomey Healdsburg was really hopping this week.

At our Silver Oak Napa Valley Winery in Oakville, we had a huge week.  We brought in almost 90 tons of Cabernet Sauvignon as well as finished our Merlot with some accompanying Cabernet Franc and Malbec from our Soda Canyon Vineyard.  We went to the top of Soda Canyon Road for fruit from our Jump Rock Vineyard.  Then to add to the fun we picked 3 vineyards in the Mount Veeder area.  We also pressed the first of our Merlot tanks.  It was a big week in Oakville! 

We continued crushing Cabernet in Alexander Valley with fruit coming in from our Miraval Vineyard, two vineyards in Cloverdale and one on West Soda Rock across the river from Miraval.  These young wines are really beautiful.

It has been really gratifying to taste the wines and see how well our Berry Sensory Analysis System works for determining the ideal maturity of the fruit.