Harvest Update August 24, 2016

Harvest Update 8.24.16

Silver Oak & Twomey Cellars

2016 Harvest Update #2

Harvest has continued at a nice, steady pace. Sauvignon Blanc at Twomey Calistoga continued to be a focus, as we picked throughout the week leaving very little fruit left to pick in that vineyard. The remainder should be picked this week. Our Sonoma County crews were able get the equipment dirty with some Sauvignon Blanc from our Twomey Healdsburg Vineyard, their first action of the season. The Oakville Sauvignon Blanc vineyard is approaching the harvest window and will start to come off the vine this week.

Bien Nacido Pinot Noir only has a few blocks left to go. Further north, one section at partnering Soberanes Vineyard was harvested and the remainder of the Pinot Noir is not far behind. We also started the Anderson Valley and Russian River Pinot Noirs seasons, with fruit from Ferrington in Boonville (which, once again, has been a warm little pocket of the North Coast) and our first pick at Last Stop in Forestville. The rest of Ferrington will likely be completed this week and Last Stop and Westpin Pinot Noirs (just down Westside Rd from the Twomey Healdsburg winery) will be very much on the radar.

The weather is really fantastic at the moment. There’s plenty of sunlight and relatively mild temperatures that have allowed the plants to ripen fruit, but it’s been cool enough that we really haven’t seen huge spikes in sugar or sunburnt fruit. It looks like there will be a slight warm up before another trough moves in and provides marine influence at night and in the morning with mild temperatures during the day. I’m almost reticent to mention the weather, as the superstitious part of me doesn’t want to jinx us. If we were allowed to draw it up, this is pretty much what it would look like.

I’ve visited some Cabernet vineyards in the Alexander Valley and tasted fruit there. It’s remarkable how delicious the fruit off the young vines at our Alexander Valley Estate and Miraval Vineyard is tasting at 21-22° Brix, which has me excited about the quality potential for 2016 and beyond. I feel awfully lucky to be able to work with these vineyards in the shadow of our future home (which is really coming along, by the way!). There was definitely a “pinch-me” moment at the new winery the other day as I was standing in a young block and reflecting on what that property will be once all is said and done. My guess is that one of these blocks will be picked as August draws to a close. In Napa, I have a feeling we will begin to walk Soda Canyon next week to set some baselines. All the numbers are tracking nicely and Jean-Claude Berrouet will be joining us at the end of the month, which seems like auspicious timing.  

-Nate Weis