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A Holiday Food and Wine Pairing Guide from our Winery Chef, Dominic Orsini.

POSTED 11/19/2013 12:03:46 AM COMMENTS

Silver Oak and Twomey's Winery Chef, Dominic OrsiniThanksgiving is every chef’s favorite holiday.  I find myself thinking about what I am going to prepare for the Holiday as soon as the first leaves start to fall off the trees.  Should I roast or deep fry the turkey this year?  What’s my dressing going to be made with?  Apple, Leeks and Pumpernickel bread, or Focaccia with Italian sausage like my grandmother used to make?  Thanksgiving presents so many opportunities to prepare a meal that is traditional and nostalgic or create something soulful, fresh and new.

However, the question I often struggle with is one that I think most people face when trying to plan out their Thankgsgiving meal; what wines should I enjoy with the dinner?  The holiday table is an array of flavors to tend with. Aunt Susie’s green bean casserole, uncle Fred’s spicy yams, not to mention Grandma’s cranberry sauce!  Trying to pick a single wine that can pair perfectly with so many disparate flavors and textures can be daunting.  So if you start feeling ovrwhelmed, just do what I do: Drink what you like! 

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A Veteran's Day Message from Ray Duncan, Founder of Silver Oak and Twomey Cellars!

POSTED 11/11/2013 7:43:44 PM COMMENTS

Today marks Veteran's Day, a day we hold in particular reverence here at Silver Oak and Twomey.  We thought we would share this story of former United States Marine, and founder of Silver Oak and Twomey Cellars, Ray Twomey Duncan, during his tour of Korea at the close of the Korean War.

Finally, we would just like to take this opportunity to thank our military men and women for all of the sacrifices that they have made so that we can all enjoy the liberty and freedom afforded to us by our great nation.  We hope you all enjoy Veteran's Day and be sure to take a moment today to thank a Veteran.  And if you are one, we raise our glass to you.  Thank you. 

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Etching a Memorable Gift

POSTED 11/5/2013 12:34:47 AM COMMENTS

Silver Oak's Bottle Etching ProgramWith the Holidays just around the corner, thoughts turn to Holiday cheer and finding the perfect holiday gifts for everyone on your list. Several years ago we came up with an idea of how to make a great gift of Silver Oak Cabernet even more memorable and we began offering customers a personalized bottle etching service. Working closely with the customer to make their bottle of Silver Oak as special as possible, we can etch anything from personal messages to intricate and elaborate full-color designs. These unique gifts have become an integral part of our Corporate Gifting program, but are also available to anyone who just wants a beautiful and extraordinary gift that will be treasured not only for the wine inside, but also the elegantly artful bottles that can be displayed for years to come!

If interested in our personalized bottle etching service, please visit our Bottle Etching page or contact Madeleine at 888.202.2006.


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How Do We Know What A Great Year Is?

POSTED 10/28/2013 11:22:00 PM COMMENTS

David Duncan, CEO of Silver Oak CellarsAt Silver Oak and Twomey we pride ourselves on making consistent wines every vintage.  There are many things we do every year to try and ensure excellence.  Many people ask Daniel  what it is like to put the blends together and if that makes him nervous.  The truth is that we grow grapes all year long.  For each vine, indeed literally for each bunch of grapes, there are hundreds of decisions made each season: pruning, suckering, pulling laterals, green drop, post verasion pass, water treatment and finally the all-important picking decision.
In a given vintage we bring all of our experience to bear to make these decisions in accordance with what mother nature doles out.  Then there are those vintages like 2013.  Wow!  Mother nature did not “dole out” anything but almost ideal growing conditions all season.  We had a little heat spike in the summer and a bit of rain during harvest, but it is a special year.  As I have moved around the wineries and tasted the must and young wines I notice a particular freshness to the wines that is exciting and enticing.  Beautiful dark fruit and floral characteristics with a particular depth and complexity.  Very exciting! Read more ›

Silver Oak and Twomey October Harvest Update #3

POSTED 10/21/2013 11:11:09 PM COMMENTS

I'm happy to say that the weather has ceased to be an obsession now that all the fruit has been picked.

We have three more small tanks of Pinot Noir to press this week and then will be done at Twomey Healdsburg.  We have made all of the 2012 blends with the exception of the Bien Nacido Vineyard fruit from Santa Maria Valley, which will be finsihed next week.  This gives us the barrels we need to barrel down the 2013.  The crew is still busy, but the pace is calmer as they wrap up the vintage.

At our Napa Valley Winery in Oakville, we just pressed the last and biggest tank of Cabernet from this vintage.  This was left for our Growers Relation Manager, Nick Filice, to dig out, because, after all, grower relations is to thank (or to blame) depending on your mood. 

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