BYOB: Travel With Wine Like a Pro

“No need for a juicy steak (although that’s always nice). The smooth tannins of Silver Oak Cabernet lift me from reality into true bliss.” –Michelle, California

Michelle's bottle of Silver Oak on the beach
Michelle’s “true bliss” moment, shared with us via social media.

What’s better than enjoying a beautiful sunset on a quiet, secluded beach? Savoring the moment while sipping a delicious glass of Cabernet Sauvignon. We’d have to agree with Michelle – there’s no better description than “true bliss.”

Speaking from experience, when bringing wine along to enjoy on your journeys, a little bit of pre-planning goes a long way. Say, remembering to pack a wine opener. We’ve all been there (and gotten pretty creative).

Whether your toes are in the sand or you’ve just scaled a mountain, here are some of our favorite tips for enjoying wine on the road.

  • Bring a travel-friendly wine opener. Ideally, keep one in your everyday bag so it’s always at the ready. We recommend the following:
  • Go “upscale.” Skip the plastic cups in your hotel bathroom and bring durable go-vinos from home. They’re reusable and pack light.
  • Protect your wine. Who wants to spend time shopping when you first arrive? A case of wine is less than 50 pounds, under the limit for checked luggage. Packing wine in your checked bag? Place it at the center of your suitcase and pad it liberally with clothing on all sides. To protect against spillage, use a protective sleeve especially made for wine, like a WineSkin.
  • Travel with wine worry-free with our Silver Oak Wine Check Bag, which is the safest, most convenient way to fly with a case of wine. Just don’t be surprised when you get stopped by complete strangers who share your love of Silver Oak.

No matter where your travels take you this summer, we hope you’ll snap a picture the next time you’re enjoying a bottle of Silver Oak Cabernet. Tag us with #lifeisacabernet on social media.

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