The Oak Cooperage

We have exciting news to share! We have acquired full ownership of Missouri-based A&K Cooperage, becoming the first North American winery to own and operate an American oak cooperage. We had purchased a 50 percent interest in the cooperage in 2000, and saw full ownership as an opportunity to maintain exacting barrel-making standards and secure a consistent supply of aged stave wood. The cooperage will now be called “The Oak Cooperage.”

“We are excited to extend our philosophy of innovation and constant improvement at every step of the winemaking process to The Oak Cooperage” said Chairman & CEO David R. Duncan, who who notes this acquisition will allow our winemakers to control quality standards such as the selection, aging and toasting of our American oak barrels. “Having control over our oak barrel needs and production makes complete sense from both an excellence and cost control standpoint.”

American Oak Barrels

Located in Higbee, Missouri, the cooperage has produced American oak barrels, primarily for wineries, since 1972. After partnering in 2000, Silver Oak and the cooperage jointly purchased several hundred acres of prime Missouri oak timberland.

“We feel that white oak from the geographic area around the cooperage gives us the oak flavor profile and textural components that best complement our wines,” says Silver Oak President Tony LeBlanc. As sole owner of The Oak Cooperage, we will continue to focus on the quality and consistency of classic 59-gallon American oak wine barrels, before we expand into other categories. “We have a great team at this small town cooperage, and we are excited about preserving and continuing this time-honored craft.”

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