The Significance of Wine in This Mother-Daughter Relationship Is Heartwarming

We are constantly amazed by the Bottle Stories we hear from our fans. The opportunity to be a part of people’s lives and their special moments are what drive us at Silver Oak. This beautiful Bottle Story came to us from Alpharetta, GA, where Aleah James pursues her passion for wine and ovarian cancer education in memory of her mom, Halle Holland. “Wine for me is family, passion, ritual, memory, relaxation, fun and celebration,” Aleah says.

Thank you, Aleah, for sharing your Bottle Story.

From the cellars of Halle Holland sign Many years back, my parents took a trip out to Napa where they visited Silver Oak. (They traveled from our home state of Georgia, so it was quite a trek!) This was back when you could only buy one bottle from the winery at a time, so they purchased a bottle to commemorate the trip. "It became a special wine for us,” my dad has said. They saved it to toast one of their wedding anniversary and always held Silver Oak in high esteem based on that experience.

After my mom lost her battle against ovarian cancer in 2013, I dove into pursuing wine classes because I missed her. She had taken some classes, had a little plaque over her wine fridge that said “The Cellars of Halle Holland,” spoke dreamily of Silver Oak in particular, and always had a bottle of wine ready for any occasion. Unfortunately, she and I never got to share a glass of Silver Oak together.

I was searching for a continued connection to her—something we could “do together.” I wanted to learn things she may have learned and to have a hobby shared with her. Then, the more I learned, the more I really loved wine. It evolved into a passion.

My mom is the reason my daughter is named Halle. She is the reason why Silver Oak was my one must-visit winery when I went to Napa with some friends in July 2014. I bought a bottle to bring back to toast my mom’s one-year homegoing anniversary—and we still have the empty bottle on display in our kitchen.

Every year, on Mother’s Day, her homegoing day and her birthday, we light a candle and open up a special bottle of wine to celebrate and remember her.

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