3 Steps to Achieve Proper Cellaring Conditions

When reading a Silver Oak product card or speaking to our tasting room associates, you’ll come across our wine’s age-ability: “This wine will age beautifully until X year, given proper cellaring conditions.” In other words, if you decide to save that bottle of Silver Oak for a special occasion, it will continue to show well if you take care of it. But what are the best ways to care for a bottle of wine? We’ve summarized our knowledge into three easy-to-follow categories.

  1. Location: Store your wine out of direct sunlight in a cool, dark place. Sunlight will cause temperatures to fluctuate, causing the wine to expand and affecting both the cork and the characteristics of the wine.
  2. Temperature: Set your wine cellar or wine refrigerator to the ideal temperature—between 55°F and 59°F. Maintaining this consistent temperature is important because fluctuations can prematurely age the wine. Also, if you serve your wine too cold, some of its aromas can be muted. If you serve your wine too hot, all of the alcohol will come straight to your nose—overwhelming and unpleasant.
  3. Position: Lay each bottle on its side. This will keep the wine in contact with the cork so the latter remains moist. A dry cork is brittle and susceptible to crumbling.

Whether you plan to open a bottle of Silver Oak this weekend or wait a few years till the tannins are smoother and the wine is more complex, these tips will ensure a delicious pour every time.

For more tips like the optimal serving temperature, check out this video:

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