The History of the Iconic Silver Oak Bottle Tree

The holidays have officially arrived! This week the legendary Silver Oak Bottle Tree is being constructed in our Oakville tasting room. Want to see it in action? Check out this time-lapse video.

Last year we kicked-off the holiday season with some fun facts about our Bottle Tree. We take Bottle Tree mania (seriously, we’re not kidding...check out Delish, Marie Claire, and Metro) to the next level with the inside scoop from VP of Consumer Experience Kathleen McLeod.

Wishing you a holiday season filled with joy, laughter, and plenty of Cabernet!

When did we first do a Bottle Tree?

Kathleen: The idea for the Bottle Tree was first thought of in 2008, the year our LEED Platinum Certified Oakville Winery was completed. The Bottle Tree christened our new tasting room.

And the idea came from...?

A French bottle drying rack
A French Bottle Drying Rack was the inspiration for the Silver Oak Bottle Tree

Kathleen: The inspiration for the tree comes from a French Bottle Drying Rack, more commonly known as a Hedgehog because of the spiky appearance. It was a common accessory to dry bottles used in French châteaux. Dr. Kary Duncan, wife of Chairman & CEO David R. Duncan, had the idea to create a large drying rack that could be used in the winey as a holiday tree, featuring Silver Oak bottles. Kary and I worked on the design, and I hired a local metal fabricator to construct the ‘tree’. Over the course of the design phase, I modified to the ‘tree’ to be created in three separate pieces that could be assembled when needed, but also broken down for easy storage.

Has the Bottle Tree evolved over the years?

Kathleen: We modified the original form to include hooks on the inside to hang lights. We’ve also changed the design, using the wine labels (Napa Valley vs. Alexander Valley) to create different patterns. The tree holds 576 bottles...577 if you count the large 3L tree topper, and the design that we have stuck with over the past couple of years has been to alternate layers of Alexander Valley and Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon bottles.

Any fun Bottle Tree facts?

Kathleen: The tasting room begins saving bottles (in anticipation of the tree) in October. Plus, it makes for a great photo op – it’s the most photographed object in the tasting room!

Come see the Bottle Tree in our Oakville tasting room.

Toast the Bottle Tree and the holidays with a bottle of Silver Oak Cabernet Sauvignon.

Silver Oak Bottle Tree
See the Silver Oak Bottle Tree in our Oakville tasting room

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