Final 2016 Harvest Update

I had a physics professor as an undergraduate who had a habit of answering what seemed like straightforward and A/B questions in a vague manner. Some examples:

“Is the fundamental framework of the natural universe governed by Quantum Mechanics or Relativity?”
His answer: “Yes”

“Is the universe expanding or contracting?”
His answer: “Yes”

“Is light a particle or a wave?”
His answer: “Yes”

Now that harvest is complete, I’m feeling the same way about generalizations for the 2016 vintage.

Was it a cool vintage or a hot one? Yes.
Was it a sprint or a marathon? Yes.
Was it a big one or a small one? Yes.
Is it a soft, approachable vintage or a structured one? Yes.

At ground-level right now, 2016 is a bit of an enigma wrapped in a riddle. That is to say, it is currently defying any easy definitive statement other than we are extremely pleased with the quality from top to bottom. I expect we have an exceptional vintage on our hands.

Silver Oak Winemaker Daniel Baron
Daniel Baron, Silver Oak winemaker from 1994 to 2016, in the vineyard

2016 was an extra special year for our team. Director of Winemaking Daniel Baron has been a mentor, leader, and friend for many and is part of the Silver Oak and Twomey fiber and lore. He made a distinct impression on more than half of Silver Oak’s 45 vintages and on every single Twomey wine, guiding and defining their styles and championing our never-ending focus on quality and improvement. His contributions are too immense to list and will continue to reverberate in these buildings, vineyards, and cellars for years to come.

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