Who’s on Chris and Courtney’s Guest List? Silver Oak

In the spirit of the Valentine’s season, we share this Bottle “Love” Story from Chris and Courtney from Colorado.

Although enjoying Silver Oak started out as an intimate experience for the two of us, we quickly realized that it’s made even more memorable by sharing Silver Oak with most important people in our lives

Ever since our first trip to the winery — during which we discovered that as lovers of Silver Oak, we are part of an experience far bigger than ourselves – we have endeavored to share that same welcoming experience of community and togetherness with family and friends. Silver Oak, which we once reserved for just the two of us, is now a staple of special occasions with our family and friends. Whether celebrating a close friend’s new promotion at work or enjoying Thanksgiving with our family, Silver Oak is a regular attendee — a constant reminder of how lucky we are to have people in our lives who care about us and want the best for us above and beyond all else.

“Whether celebrating a close friend’s new promotion at work or celebrating Thanksgiving with our family, Silver Oak is a regular attendee.”

When it came time for us to plan our wedding (after seven long years of Courtney waiting and waiting and waiting), it was a given to have Silver Oak be an integral part of the day. We had Silver Oak wine bottles etched with table numbers, Silver Oak corks as place cards, and perhaps most importantly, a 2008 (the year we met) double magnum of Silver Oak Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon (our favorite) signed by each of our wedding guests as our “guest book.” This bottle is on display at our home, serving as a constant reminder of how wine, and especially Silver Oak, creates unforgettable memories in our lives.

Chris and Courtney with a 2008 magnum of Silver Oak
Chris and Courtney with their wedding “guest book” — a double magnum of 2008 Silver Oak Napa Valley Cabernet signed by their wedding guests

As we told our wedding party prior to them initialing our “guest book,” we are holding onto this special bottle and saving it for a time when we all can be together again to celebrate family and friendship. It reminds us that our interactions and experiences in life are made all the more special when we share them with those closest to us – and with Silver Oak, of course!

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