This Couple Celebrates All of Their Special Moments With Silver Oak

We are constantly amazed by the Bottle Stories we hear from our fans. The opportunity to be a part of people’s lives and their special moments are what drive us at Silver Oak. This beautiful Bottle Story came to us from Silver Oak fans Patrick and Rebecca, who celebrate (all!) their milestones with our Cabernets.

Thank you, Rebecca, for sharing your Bottle Story.

Becca and Patrick with a 2012 magnum of Silver Oak When I met my husband, Patrick, I wasn’t a big fan of wine—but Silver Oak was Patrick’s favorite. Years prior, in 2012, Patrick was introduced to Silver Oak while working at Wynlakes Country Club in Montgomery, AL. The Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon was served at one of his first board meetings, and he was hooked. He insisted that I try it.

What started out as something that I enjoyed because it brought us together turned into something that I honestly enjoyed. I love Silver Oak. It’s something that we’ve bonded over and something that we both love so much.

Since first falling in love, we’ve shared a bottle of Silver Oak at every special occasion. When Patrick landed his first career-changing job, when I received my Master’s Degree, when we were married—we always raised our glasses with Silver Oak. Of course we drink Silver Oak wines at other times as well, but it’s especially our celebration wine.

In fact, there’s one extra special bottle that we’re waiting to open—a magnum of 2012 Silver Oak Napa Valley Cabernet. When Patrick and I were married, it was my gift to him. 2012 is significant to us because it was the vintage that we saw in barrels when we visited Silver Oak in Napa. The bottle is engraved with our names (my new last name!) and our wedding date, and we’re patiently saving it for a big anniversary. (It took some convincing, but Patrick has agreed to eventually drink the wine.)

I’m looking forward to it—and many more bottles of Silver Oak in the future.


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