When to Drink Silver Oak: Our Recommendation

Whether you’ve enjoyed one glass or many bottles of Silver Oak in your life, thank you for choosing our Cabernet. Like us, you treasure a bottle of Silver Oak, and we’re here to help ensure its quality after it has left our cellar. In addition to our proper cellaring conditions, we’ve answered another age-old (no pun intended) question: When’s the best time to open this bottle?

As you may know, our Cabernets go through extended aging (two years in barrel and at least one year in bottle) before they’re made available to you. This process allows tannins to mature and the flavors to fully develop before the wine is poured into your glass. Thanks to extended aging, our Cabernets are drinkable upon release.

They’re also made to age beautifully for years to come. Whether you have a wine cellar or a modest wine rack on your kitchen counter, our Cabernets can be laid down for decades. We’ve heard Bottle Stories about vintages purchased with special occasions in mind. From 21st birthdays to weddings, some of our fans sure do think ahead—and we love it!

Tip: If you’re choosing between a 750ml and a large format bottle of the same vintage, keep in mind that they age at different rates due to the ratio of oxygen to volume of wine. In a large format bottle (more wine), there’s less oxygen and higher potential for longer aging.

Wine is ever evolving and changing, so finding the optimal time to open your bottle isn’t always simple. That’s why we’ve created our library of tasting notes. Our winemaking team tastes each vintage every two years to keep these up to date and to let you know how they currently taste.

At the end of the day, our wines are made to be enjoyed with loved ones at any occasion. It’s up to you and what you deem a special moment. If you’re celebrating the end of a long work week and want to open a 2010 Silver Oak Alexander Valley Cabernet, do it. If you’re making a toast at a holiday dinner and the bottle of 2001 Silver Oak Napa Valley Cabernet is calling to you, go for it.

Instead of asking “when,” we think the tougher question is “with whom?”

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