How This Couple Created Special Moments With Special Bottles of Silver Oak

We are constantly amazed by the Bottle Stories we hear from our fans. The opportunity to be a part of people’s lives and their special moments are what drive us at Silver Oak. In January 2019, Andy reached out to our Concierge. He and his girlfriend, Kelly, were planning a trip to Napa—where Andy wanted to propose with a custom etched bottle of Silver Oak.

Congratulations, Kelly and Andy, and thank you for sharing your Bottle Story!

Andy and Kelly share a kiss by the iconic Silver Oak water tower On a cool afternoon in March, Andy and Kelly walked into our Oakville Tasting Room. They were on a long-awaited trip to experience Silver Oak in person.

“I grew up with Silver Oak being the best wine,” Kelly says. The Houston native traced Silver Oak in her family back to a charity event that her parents attended in the early ’80s. Since then, our Cabernets have been their wine of choice.

“My parents fell in love with Silver Oak. It was always around for every accomplishment, including when my sister and I turned 21.”

For Andy, Silver Oak was a more-recent discovery. In 2011, he moved from Dallas to Houston. While building his store, he worked as a server at Houston’s restaurant where he learned about and tasted Silver Oak for the first time.

“The general manager, Gio, was a huge Cab enthusiast. Silver Oak was one of his favorites” Andy recalls. Little did Andy know that the Cabernet would later become his and Kelly’s special wine.

Kelly and Andy first met through mutual friends at an NFL Playoff party. They began dating in March 2017.

“Early on in our relationship, we discovered our shared love for wine. Specifically, Silver Oak was a favorite for both of us, so Andy ordered a magnum that is still kept in its wood box,” Kelly says. “It inspired an idea for his birthday present.”

In 2017, the couple traveled to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, to celebrate Andy’s 30th birthday. There, during a romantic cliff-side dinner by the ocean, Kelly surprised Andy with a custom etched bottle.

Silver Oak bottle engraved for Andy's 30th birthday
The bottle of Silver Oak that Kelly presented Andy on his 30th birthday.

“It was a really nice touch,” Andy said. So when it came time to pop the big question, Andy knew exactly how he wanted to do it.

“We had planned this trip to Napa, and it was perfect. She made a special bottle for me, so I wanted to make one for her.”

Personalized bottle of Silver Oak that Andy used to propose
The personalized bottle of Silver Oak that Andy used to propose. He and Kelly plan to open it on their wedding day.

Andy proposed in The Glass House at our Napa Valley Winery. In addition to Kelly’s name and the date, the bottle read: “Be My Forever / Will You Marry Me?” He even brought in a professional photographer to capture the surprise moment.

“It was perfect,” Kelly says. “Silver Oak was there at my fiancée’s 30th birthday, and now it’s a part of our engagement story, too.”

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