A Horse Named Silver Oak

We are constantly amazed by the Bottle Stories we hear from our fans. The opportunity to be a part of people’s lives and their special moments are what drive us at Silver Oak. This heartfelt Bottle Story came to us from Australia, where Boomer shared the special meaning behind his racehorse’s name and the tradition they honored with her first-ever win.

Thank you, Boomer, for sharing your family’s Bottle Story.

Although we live in my home country, Australia, my wife is originally from the States. There, in Southern California, her father (my father-in-law), Mike Mitchell, was a successful racehorse trainer. He had a tradition: After every big race won, he opened a bottle of Silver Oak. His owners caught on, and they have done the same after every win.

In 2015, we lost Mike to a brain tumor—but still continue his tradition. When in the States for work, I make sure to pick up a few bottles to bring back to Australia.

About four years ago, I purchased a racehorse, and we named him Epic Grey. He has been very successful. On the back of that purchase—and a couple of years after we lost Mike—we acquired Epic Grey’s sister. She’s a steel grey color, so we decided to name her after Mike’s favorite wine: Silver Oak. Although she doesn’t have her brother’s talent, she’s a fighter—and finally won her first race on February 21, 2020.

That night, my wife and I opened a bottle of Silver Oak to celebrate.


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