Katrina Van Aller - Regional Sales Manager | Silver Oak

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Katrina Van Aller

Katrina Van Aller

Regional Sales Manager

Wine Country - Northern California

At Silver Oak/Twomey since: 2011

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Shortly after joining Silver Oak Katrina Van Aller had an experience which pretty much sums up how she feels about her job. “I was pouring Silver Oak Alexander Valley Cabernet and Twomey Merlot at a fundraiser, and someone asked me ‘how does it feel to be the girl at the party that everyone wants to dance with?' It was the perfect description of my evening; for three hours I had a very long line of people in front of my table."

With over twenty years in the restaurant and wine industry, Katrina has a lot of experience making customers happy. At 16, her first job was making pizzas at a restaurant near her family's Maryland home, but she was quickly promoted to the front of the house where her hard work and talent for talking to customers earned her "more money than I could believe!" After college she was part of the opening training team for TGI Friday's and Dalt's restaurants, eventually moving over to the wine industry when she landed a job working for a small Washington, DC-based distributor of fine wines and spirits. Today, after spending more than a decade working for well-known California wineries, Katrina is thrilled to be representing the Duncan family and selling the wines of Silver Oak and Twomey to restaurants and retailers through much of Northern California. Her days are busy, with meetings, phone calls, events and fundraisers, but as she says, "I've never been more excited about my employment."